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          Bisht (Abaya)

Fine Cotton Knitted Cap, Black

   The Bisht or Aba is a traditional loose cloak popular in the middle east. Usually worn on top of the    Thobe. This bisht is designed for winter use. Accented with a matching beautiful trim on the chest    portion. Made of thick, high-density, tear resistant camel wool.

   Available in the following colors:
   1. Light Brown
   2. Black

   Note: Bisht comes in standard default size (60inches long) so there is a possibility that it is not    your size. The length is acquired by measuring from the back of the neck to the back of the heel.

Price : $ 69.99
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Fine Cotton Knitted Cap, Dark Brown

    A high qulaity Jalabiya or Bisht is worn over men's dishdash or over regular clothing as well. The    fabric is cotton/polyester mix. Gold lining on the front. These garments are worn loose. Available    in black, off-white, brown and tan colors. Long enough for 6 feet tall person.

Price : $ 27.99
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Striped Cotton Cap, Beige Stripes on Blue
Classic Saudi Style Men's abaya. Traditional abaya is worn over a men's disha dasha. Available in Black with gold trim (shown), Brown with gold trim, Ivory with gold trim and Tan with gold trim. Fabric is an all weather cotton poly blend. Imported from Syria. Note: Since abaya is meant to be worn as a loose fitting over-garment, size should be selected based upon length.

Measurements as follows:

Length: 57"

Length: 58"

Length: 59"

Price : $ 29.99
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